Here at Palazzo Bandino we prepare the same dishes as those passed onto us by our ancestors, paying maximum attention to the quality of the products we use.

We breed “Chianina calves” that are nourished with the forages of our land and this is why you can taste the best possible steaks in the area. We grow the same spelt such as the one they had at the time of the Etruscans so we can give you a healthy, vegetarian soup that is really tasty and nutritious.
We pick our olives by hand only when they are ripe and before they fall from the tree and finally we prune our Sangiovese – a kind of grapevine that many have tried to reproduce – which gives its best only on our hills!


Palazzo Bandino has 14 hectares of vineyard where we produce the most precious DOCG wines of this area. We also have a wine cellar where we let our wine age in old French oak barrels. We produce several wines that range from the typical Chianti Colli Senesi to the Nobile of Montepulciano DOCG and from the Rosso di Montepulciano to the super special Bandinello.

You can spend half a day visiting the vineyard and our wine cellar where you can become acquainted with the whole range of Tuscan wines from their origins until the present day. Then you may taste eight kinds of wine or if you wish you can purchase them and bring them home with you!


The grape harvest is the love expression of the winemaker who year after year – with renewed anxiety – brings his grapes into the wine cellar where he will transform it into a glass of wine to be tasted on special occasions. Both in the vineyard and in the wine cellar the procedures are always the same since Etruscan times. The grape is deprived of the stalk then put into vats to be fermented: it means that the sugar from the grape becomes ethyl-alcohol through fermentation.

On our farm you may live the unique experience of grape harvesting exactly as it was years ago!


Our farm has a reserve for truffle harvesting. This is a place where the right conditions of moisture, the kind of land itself and the presence of suitable trees create the perfect habitat in order to facilitate the growth of the precious tuber.

You may therefore have a guided visit across our truffle reserve together with our expert and his “big-nosed and faithful friend”, then if the weather is favourable, you may pick up the tuber yourself, buy it and take it home or eat the truffles in our restaurant on your favourite dishes.


If you have a passion for horse riding, you are invited to spend your holidays at Palazzo Bandino by bringing your horse with you. Our collaborator Rudy will be glad to share our stables with you.

We provide horse-friendly accommodation plus yuu can ride alone in full freedom over the surrounding hills or be guided by one of our collaborators. It will be an unforgettable experience for sure!

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Here at Palazzo Bandino we arrange visits for adults – but mainly for children – to discover the ancient “nectar of Gods”.

 During the visits to the farm, you can watch the procedure for the honey extraction and you can taste the freschly-picked honey “millefiori”.


If you are interested in traditional Tuscan cuisine we’ll be glad to tell you more during our cooking lessons!

We arrange daily or weekly lessons during which our guests may test themselves in making the dishes of the Tuscan tradition under the guidance of our chef: in fact our female chef will show you the passion in using the most genuine ingredients and also all the secrets of the land where we were lucky to be born…and of course after making the dishes we will sit down and taste them altogether.


Nothing is left to chance at Palazzo Bandino so here it is possible to ask for a multi-functional private room where to celebrate in total privacy a family event or a meeting of friends or a business meeting,

Furthermore, based on the weather conditions, our outdoor pool is available for for enjoyment during your events.