Our story

All in the family

Operative word: AUTHENTICITY

We are located in the southern part of Tuscany in the province of Siena.
Our farm covers a surface of ca. 60 hectares and is set in the municipality of Montepulciano and partly in that of Chianciano.

Our family has been living at Palazzo Bandino for the past 7 generations and since time immemorial we have been producing wine, extra virgin olive oil, cereals, vegetables and quality meats. We have been welcoming guests for about 20 years from all over the world, and hosting them in our completely furnished apartments with fully-equipped kitchens and bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.
The Valeriani family will pamper you and be your guide to discovering the many beauties of Tuscany!


inspired by nature

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, nothing is left to chance at Palazzo Bandino!
We are committed to giving you our best and to respect nature whilst you are our here with us as our guests.  

The flavours of our bio vegetable garden

While the world is experimenting with GMOs (genetically modified organisms), we are still breeding “Chianina calves” nourishing our animals with the forages of our land. So we can offer our guests authentic and genuine flavours: tasty steaks, spelt grains like those from the age of the Etruscans, Sangiovese wine aged in old oak barrels and so much more!

Our family live at Palazzo Bandino and there exactly – on the surrounding hills – we grow in a traditional way all the products we offer then to our guests. Come and breathe the pure air of our hills!


With this system, we can use the waste coming from pruning the vineyards, the olive groves and the woods as a fuel. We can grind the wood into uniform chips that we can feed to our boiler and supply heating to our property!

This way we cover 80% of the energy needs of the whole property. That’s how we could remove all the gas boilers we previously installed with the great result of using a renewable and cheap fuel….. with an “aftertaste” of cellulose!



Our facility has 14 hectares of vineyards where we produce the finest DOCG wines of this area and in our cellar we age our wines in French oak barrels. A vegetable garden grown with biological principles is at the disposal of our guests and 1,000 olive trees are there to produce the most genuine extra virgin olive oil of this place.

If you are fascinated by traditional Tuscan cooking, we would love to share our interests with you during our wine and cooking lessons. You can spend half a day visiting the vineyard and our wine cellar to gain familiarity with our whole range of Tuscan wines. Then you can also prepare the traditional dishes of the Tuscan cuisine together with our female chef. Furthermore, we will go with you searching for tradition: the oil mill that is still pressing the olives with a stone-grinder, the shepherd with his “pecorino cheese”, the wine cellars of old historical buildings in Montalcino and Montepulciano and much more!